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Paddle. Discover. Enjoy


Escape the Crowds with a Day on the Water:

Embark on a sea kayaking adventure around the captivating coast of Kekova Island, exploring ancient ruins, intricate rock labyrinths, a sunken city, and other historical landmarks. Your journey includes a delightful lunch in Simena Village.

Experience a Relaxed Pace:

No need to hurry – take your time and savor every stop along the way. Covering a total of 8 kilometers, the itinerary allows for leisurely exploration with three segments of kayaking, each lasting around 45 minutes.

Discover Nature and Geography:

Gain insights into the rich flora, fauna, and geographical features of the region as you paddle along. Highlights include visits to Kekova Island and Tersane Bay for a refreshing swim, gliding over the remnants of the Sunken City, and indulging in a sumptuous lunch in Simena Village.

Additional Activities:

Weather permitting, enjoy a second swim break or even try some cliff jumping for an adrenaline rush.

Comprehensive Tour:

This full-day excursion spans approximately 8 hours, including convenient transfers from Kas. While the tour is suitable for novice paddlers with moderate fitness levels, those seeking a bit of panorama can opt for a 15-minute hike up to Simena Castle.

Expert Guidance and Equipment:

Benefit from a thorough kayak introduction led by a certified instructor from the British Canoe Union (BCU). Tandem kayaks are available, with a limited number of single kayaks, ensuring safety and comfort throughout the journey.



Kalkan: 70€ / 60£/ 75$(incl. Lunch + Transfer)

Kaş:      55€ / 45£/ 60$ (incl. Lunch + Transfer)

Ucagiz: 50€ / 42£ / 55$(incl. Lunch)

For your convenience, we recommend settling payments in cash on the day of the tour.
We accept any currency, ensuring flexibility for our guests.


Kalkan 07.30 (Taxi Rank)

Kaş Peninsula 07.45 (main road)


Kaş meeting 08.00 (Post Office / PTT)


Ucagiz 08.45 (Gönül Cafe)

Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have for the lunch menu.


Kindly notify the hotel in advance of your early departure. They are usually willing to assist with breakfast arrangements.


Please stay in contact with us for any last-minute weather updates or changes to pick-up arrangements. (Best via WhatsApp)


Reservations only via:

Phone / WhatsApp / Telegram:
+90 545 335 4374



What to Bring:

  • Full change of clothes and shoes for the return journey (can be stored in the car).

  • Swimwear, surf gear, water shoes, and sandals are recommended over flip flops.

  • Sun hat, sunglasses, and sun cream.

  • Emergency medication (e.g., asthma inhaler).

  • Towel and swimsuits (to be worn before the tour).

  • Wind jacket for spring and autumn.

  • Cash for extra drinks, souvenirs, and castle entrance fee (140TL).

  • We provide a small waterproof container for each kayak to keep items dry, such as cameras, phones, and wallets.

  • The hatches in the kayak provide space for towels, and a plastic bag is typically sufficient (although it's semi-waterproof, a few drops may still penetrate).

  • For safety, please refrain from wearing jewelry and keep passports in your hotel; a passport photo is adequate for the transfer, just in case of unexpected checks.

TOUR ITINERARY (Spoiler Alert)

Begin your adventure with a scenic paddle approximately 3km southward to the captivating Tersane Bay on Kekova Island. Immerse yourself in the pristine waters, enticing you for a refreshing swim.

Explore the underwater wonders and the ancient ruins of the Xera settlement, guided by insightful narratives from your knowledgeable guide, unraveling the rich history of the region.

Continuing our journey along the coastline of Kekova Island, we glide above the mesmerizing ruins of the Sunken City of Dolikhiste. After completing our sightseeing, we paddle across to the mainland.

Simena Village awaits as our midday retreat, offering a delightful lunch and opportunities for exploration. Wander through charming streets adorned with blossoming flowers and breathtaking vistas, capturing unforgettable moments and embracing relaxation.

Indulge in the renowned homemade ice cream, featuring unique flavors like Cactus Fruit or Tahini, available exclusively in the village's quaint cafes. Optionally, uncover the secrets of the village's Castle, boasting magnificent views (admission fee: 140 TL).

Following our leisurely lunch, we embark on the return journey in our kayaks, paddling back to our starting point at Uçağız Village.

Weather and time permitting, we may enjoy a final swim-stop halfway amidst ancient ruins, offering a perfect setting for cliff diving.

Support Boats: 

Sea kayakers can manage without support boats for carrying bags; they're redundant, unwieldy, and disrupt the tranquility of the experience. To me, it's akin to bringing a jeep on a hiking trip. Should the need for a boat arise, we can always summon one from nearby, although this hasn't been necessary thus far.

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